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Welcome Letter

Dear colleagues, 


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 5th International Symposium on Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Budapest, it is my pleasure to invite you to come, enjoy and contribute with your participation to the largest and most exciting global PIBD conference, which will take place at the “Kongresszusi Központ” (Congress Centre) from 11th - 14th September 2019.

This important international meeting offers a unique opportunity to engage in PIBD with hundreds of paediatric gastroenterologists, scientists, nurses and dieticians, globally. Following the wonderful success of the previous PIBD congresses in Rome, Paris, Rotterdam and Barcelona, it is our pleasure to offer another meeting with diverse clinical and practical aspects of paediatric IBD and the top worldwide speakers, representing five continents and a plethora of thoughts.

Crohn’s disease is a young disease affecting young individuals; although it was described almost 90 years ago (by Crohn, Ginzburg and Oppenheimer in 1932), the development of paediatric knowledge of the disease is even younger. At the same time, paediatric IBD incidence is increasing worldwide in an alarming rate, with up to 20% of cases diagnosed during childhood and adolescence. Thus, there is much to achieve in understanding and managing paediatric IBD and this will be extensively discussed at the meeting.

This meeting is organized by the paediatric IBD Porto Group of ESPGHAN. For the first time, a Postgraduate Course is added to the main programme to enhance the practicalities of PIBD care. The sessions integrate recent advances of clinical research, immunology, microbiome, imaging-endoscopy, biologics, including small molecules, and also highlights the newest management algorithms and treatment targets, with a theme of PIBD across the globe.

The vibrant city of Budapest plays host to our conference with its open atmosphere, lively surroundings and ideal climate during September.

We invite you to enjoy four days of intensive and highest quality science, while interacting with colleagues from all over the globe. Together we will reach our goal of improving IBD patient care. 

So save the date and make your plans in advance. In the next few months, we will keep you informed about the P-IBD conference in our beautiful capital city of Hungary!

See you in Budapest!

Gabor Veres, MD, Dsc
President of P-IBD in Budapest 2019